by Tulip

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released April 5, 2019

Recorded and mixed by Elijah Deaton-Berg
Mastered by Adam Tucker
Art by Rose von Muchow


all rights reserved



Tulip Minneapolis, Minnesota


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Track Name: Throat Meat
Brine, warm and sharp, pressing down

Overflowing vessels bleed eternal
Track Name: Lessent
Shed this skin and operate on code

There is no higher purpose to serve

Reject the human impulse to connect

Unburdened beast free to drift away

Blip in the noise, mindless existence

Consideration excised like an abscess

Done away with identifiers

Take a look to see nothing has really changed

Alienation has produced this bleak, miserable existence

Passion it seems is inescapable

Don't lose sight of the true path, blinded in the dirt

Forge connection
Track Name: Believe What You See
Crystallize this moment of clarity in my mind

Claw away from the stone sunk deep in my palm

Finally notice the shimmering headlights

Bound to burn the fog away in the morning once more
Track Name: Internal Colony
In the pit of another man's hate and despair

He has thrown me a spade

Carve a pit of my own

Throw my commiserant down
Track Name: What It Looks Like When I Open My Eyes
I see your fire

Well in this there might be a chance for us

What world is this?
Track Name: Kindling
Turn away your blind hand from his face

Let it lie in its filth, out of sight

Decay has come ashore

Torn away your pale stare from the light

Breathe the same air with me now

Resignation has come as a tepid conqueror to contorted blood and bone
Track Name: Indelible Arrangement
Walking across this pale pane, I see what lies beneath the sheet

Here meek children beseech those meant to keep-safe the weak

Indifferent rooms spell out the reasons why

Carve out a hole and pray for boredom next time

When the whip is what answers the cry

Intruding on a key scene

Steal away, break through the fear

Dethrone silence as king

Cowards will prey no more

When you realize you've slipped through the cracks

and there's no unplunging the blade

I'll be by your side to clot the blood and help you catch all that spills out

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